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About us
About us
Our Company strive to helping owners understand and be able to better communicate with their dogs, as well as training a range of other important jobs dogs can do such as assistance dogs to help people with disability, search and rescue dogs, and detection dogs  In addition, we also have school for dog trainers dedicated to pet owner and pet professionals who wants to learn more about dog training, how dogs learn, teaching private and group classes, training dogs for different purposes as well as modifying behavior problems. 
Our relationship with our clients, students and our animals  are  all based on mutual trust, repect and partnership.
Meet The Team
Felicia The
Founder, CEO, Head Trainer
"You can never learn enough as there are new things to discover and learn each and every day."
Felicia always had a passion for animals and for helping those in need, whether it be animals or people. Her passion for animals started when she was little. Training and communicating with animals always comes natural to her . As she grew older her deep sense of curiosity and passion drives her to learn as much as she can about training different types of animals such as fish, rabbits, turtle, chickens but  mainly focusing on dogs. Through years of experience and attending multiple different top dog training schools as well as seminars and conferences, she has the experience and expertise to help you with any problems you may have with your canine  companion.

"I've come to realize that my passion in life is to help dogs help people"

She has attended:
-  Bergin University of Canine studies, where she learned the intricacies of how to train assistance/service dogs starting from birth to graduation,
     teaching group classes as well as learning animal husbandry and veterinary care.  
- Highland Canine School for dog trainers, where she learned about dog's origin, dog's body language, how to train  service dogs,  narcotics, explosives,        
    cadaver, bed bugs and other types of detection dogs, police k9 training, basic to advance obedience, tracking and trailing for search and rescue as well
    as felon search, teaching private and group classess, as well as behavioral modification.
-  Michael Ellis school for dog trainers where she learned how to train IPO, french ring, mondio ring sports.
- Tom Rose school for dog trainers where she learned  how to train dogs from basic to competition level obedience, Agility, BH, IPO 1-3 obedience and
     tracking, narcotics detection, behavioral modification, search and rescue trailing as well as organizing and teaching private and group classess.

She has also conducted several seminars and webminars in the US as well as in Indonesia. Some of the topics that she taught in the seminars includes, but not limited to:
- Unleashing your dog's true potential
- Training the scent dog from basic imprinting to real life searches
- Behavioral adjustment for fearful dogs
- Puppy socialization and training
- What is an assistance dog?
- From shelter dogs to trick dogs

In addition, she has also worked and volunteered with multiple different shelters, rescues and SPCA's taking care and rehabilitating dogs and finding them a new loving home. On our second chance  program, she specialized in rehabilitating fearful dogs by building their confidence up through thorough and carefully planned training, rehabilitation and play time.

Our training philosophy: By catering to each individual dog and owner, we use dog friendly positive reinforcement training methods, incorporating, lure reward training, shaping and a range of other training techniques that fosters relationship building and tust between owner and their dogs. We also follow LIMA training principle which means we strive to use the  Least intrusive minimally aversive way to train dogs to acheive our goal. You can learn more about the Lima principle by clicking here.

She had  also attended numerous seminars and conferences and you can see some of the certificates she has received throughout the years in the gallery below
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
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  7. Managing Director
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Samantha Tejakusuma
Co-Founder, Trainer
Samantha loves animals and have a passion for them since she was little. She always knew that working with animals is the way to go. She is currently attending UC Davis studying to become a vet. Her natural talent in communicating and training dogs are undeniable. She has also attended Bergin University of Canine studies where she learns how to train service dogs. 
Teddy The
Co-Founder, Tech

Our Training Philosophy

Catering to each individual dogs and owner, we use dog friendly training methods  incorporating lure reward training, shaping and a range of other training techniques that fosters relationship building and trust between owner and their dogs through love, training and play time.